Announcing the launch of Conscientious Rebel: A website for the hero within

I’m a person who some would describe as confident and having healthy self-esteem; while others would say the opposite – low-self esteem, over-emotional etc. And they are probably both right, but they’re missing the bigger picture.

What is the bigger picture?

I think it has something to do with striving to be a complete human being. But then what does it mean to be a complete human being, let alone to strive to be?

I’ve had this question for years and at the same time I’ve come to recognize what must be close to this in people such as whistleblowers, conscientious objectors, righteous rescuers, humanitarians and business owners who balance profit with real social good for example. I’ve learned as much as I can from them either directly or indirectly through books, documentaries etc. I’ve discovered that they differ in almost every way except for one thing: An unyielding sense of human decency and the ability to let this sense inform action.

This is a profoundly hopeful message. It means that fulfilling your potential, being the best you can be is not about your role or title or your wealth and status. It’s about something completely different.

So, I’ve created a new site called Conscientious Rebel to explore this question as well as provide inspiration and resources for the hero within each of us. I hope you’ll check it out!

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