Alonzo King on Identification

Some say politics – conservatism, liberalism, ism’s of all kinds – is the problem.

Others say its religion – too much, or not having enough – is the problem.

Most agree that those who disagree, who are different (not just in terms of race, culture, creed, but also ideology) – with me, with you, with us – are the problem.

Identification – in all its forms. What of that? Are we not, each and every one of us, caught by, or rather restricted by this very human tendency at one time or another and in all likelihood, most of the time?

Might that be at the root of these other, more obvious problems? But because its at the root, might it also be a tremendous opportunity?

To see.

What would it be like to see the shape and form identification takes in oneself? To be so close to it that you can taste it, but not so close you get swallowed by it.

What would that look like? More intriguingly, what else might be discovered, if for a moment, we could pause labeling ourselves and others, and simply be.

Here is one interpretation through dance of the struggle with that essential question. (Alonzo King’s talk is followed by the dance at 4:55)

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