Mojo Monday 6: The Dance of Procrastination

The dance of procrastination

You’ve got that thing that you want to do; that project you want to start, class you want to take, conversation you need to have, or idea to bring to life. You set the time and space aside to do it and … you don’t do it. It’s not that you’re sitting around doing nothing. It’s that you’re doing everything except what you most want (or need) to do.

I can relate.

Here’s my dance of procrastination. It’s not very pretty, but it’s all mine.

Have you got a dance of procrastination?

Something to try

Next time you’ve got something you want to start, but you find yourself stalling, witness without judgement what you do instead. Seeing yourself in the moment can be a useful start to changing behavior.

Mojo Monday 5: Dancing with Trees


Tree Power

It’s a well established fact that being in nature is good for body, mind and soul. But when in nature, do we listen, or do we stay plugged in to our music, our thoughts, our need to label and define what we see. The power of nature is that it provides conditions to listen and by doing so bring inside oneself a moment of not knowing, not being in the head. What a gift that is.


There are hundreds of tree deities, here is one of many links to inspire:


Mojo Monday 4: Ways to Wake Up!

The phenomenon of waking up

Everybody in the world wakes up in the morning, but each one of us experiences it uniquely. If you consider all the different causes of waking up, from bad dreams or eating too much icecream the night before to loud sounds outside your window to the person sleeping beside you who snores. If you consider all that, you realize that waking up is not so much done by us, but that we are encouraged or helped to wake up by the world – both internally and externally.

That takes the pressure off somehow.

Message behind the message

There is no shortage of advice on how to start your day in a way that makes you feel like you’re in control. Set your alarm at this hour, meditate for this amount of time, drink this kind of smoothie etc. But what if your day doesn’t start off under your control? What if your neighbor is loud, life’s pressures overwhelm you so much you can’t sleep or your roomate decides to play a prank by throwing ice over you? What if life doesn’t happen according to plan starting the moment you wake up?




Mojo Monday 3: Multitask w/Movement

Multitasking, Seizing the Opportunity or something else altogether?

If you live in this world of technology, constant information and full schedules, you probably multitask from time to time. But did you know that there is a great deal of research supporting the fact that multitasking seems more productive than it actually is. This video makes fun of our tendency to believe that we can (and should) squeeze the most out of each minute…even before we get to work. No wonder we’re exhausted!

At the same time, it makes good sense to move when you can, especially if your day is spent at a desk. To that point, this video is a fun way to experiment exercising in moments before and after your daily tasks (like doing bicep curls while on the phone or taking the stairs instead of the escalator etc.) And something great movement and certain exercises in particular (like pushups!) it’s hard to do anything else while you do it. So is it multitasking or seizing the opportunity?

Beyond experimenting with exercise in the moments in between, there is another idea behind this video. And that is that what we take as ordinary, routine – like walking from the bedroom to the kitchen – can, with just a bit of imagination (in this case, a lunge) be transformed into a micro-adventure. In moving through space in a different way, you experience the world in a different way. Try it and see – I’d love to hear what you discover.


This video is dedicated to my trainer, Eric Nelson, whose expertise and committment helped me get back to the weight room. If you live in the Bay Area and are looking for great trainer, here’s how to reach him.

Eric Nelson




Mojo Monday 2: Wiggle Everywhere

Wiggling can be an anecdote to being too serious/adult

Wiggling is an activity that most adults consider childish, and even ridiculous. Funny thing is that most adults can’t wiggle. So that tells me that, its not that its ridiculous, it’s that adults are hiding the fact that they can no longer (or believe they can no longer) do this thing, behind the oh-so-adult-behavior of judging. When you wiggle your body, its almost impossible to be angry, worried, or self-centered.

Wiggle for a minute and see what changes, from the inside out. You might be surprised.


Mojo Monday 1: Stretch Like a Dog


The Underutilized Stretch

We read daily the importance of stretching before and after exercise. We watch animals, our pets in particular, stretch throughout the day that seems also to be code for everything from scratch my belly to I want to play. But we humans make minimal use of this super satisfying movement. Why is that?

Why do we not do more of those things that are really good for us and that feel good – like stretching. But we instead forget or even avoid it? As an experiment, respond to the question in a journal. Next, try a week of indulging in the art of stretching and then re-visit the question and see if your response has changed.