RdF Consulting

Overview of Services

 “To keep our hearts open is probably the most urgent responsibility we have.”

Leonard Cohen

The power of living your truth

I believe that when we live our truth, everyone benefits. Not just ourselves, but those around us and the world.

I'm passionate about helping individuals overcome adversity in pursuit of what matters most to them whether it's downsizing their home, going for an important goal or embracing change proactively.

I support individuals as an Organizer/Declutterer, Success Coach and Dance/Movement facilitator. Though different on the surface, there’s a common denominator: Clearing space (inner/outer) reconnects you with your innate wisdom which inspires bold action. 

Overview of services

Organize & Declutter – In person or remote support focused on clearing space of “stuff” so that joy and confidence can grow. This may also include showing loved ones and professionals (e.g., RE agents, estate brokers, social services) how to best support individuals who hoard, so that everybody wins.  Click here to learn more.


Success Coaching – In-person or remote coaching focused on helping you align head and heart to more easily achieve high stakes goals with unshakeable confidence. Click here to learn more.


Dance with Change – In-person workshops designed to cultivate fluid intelligence for greater joy, fulfillment and effectiveness when faced with novel situations and rapid change.  Click here to learn more.


About me

I live life committed to following my inner voice and as a result I have countless adventures, small and large. This isn’t because I go out and find them or because I’m lucky. It’s because no matter how hard (or easy) life can be, I learned how to keep at least one ear open to what I don’t know. In other words, I strive to listen with my heart more than my fears, considerations and assumptions. I’ve discovered that the heart not only enables us to act with more courage than fear, it’s the most intelligent organ in the body. Perhaps this is the inspiration behind Leonard Cohen’s quote.

To learn about my credentials, background and philosophy, go here.