Dance with Change

Dance with Change to Think on Your Feet with Confidence

“Genius means little more than the faculty of perceiving in an unhabitual way”

 William James

What if you could feel confident in how you move?

Have you ever been to a wedding or dance club and admired someone because of how well they moved? You were drawn to watching them because they exuded joy or grace or fantastic rhythmicity. These qualities are wonderful but they start with confidence. It is VERY possible to feel confident when you move, even if you aren’t a dancer. Believe it or not it’s less about learning the right steps and more about un-learning beliefs and attitudes that make us believe we can’t dance.

I’ve worked with men and women of all skill levels. If you have a pulse and want to learn, you can do it!

Dance with Change workshops 

In-person workshops and coaching designed to bring out your unique movement style while cultivating fluid intelligence (aka thinking on your feet).

Movement Roots workshop - This 2-day workshop is a movement primer for individuals who want to access their vitality and express it through movement. Movers will learn 4 ways to access their unique movement style resulting in greater whole-body confidence and the joy that comes with it.

  • Listening: Awakening channels of perception
  • Moving: Expressing what you perceive through movement
  • Daring: Making it your own
  • Sharing: Connecting with others in a way that strengthens both

Dance with Change workshop (currently in development)– This workshop will further develop movers’ fluid intelligence  and provide opportunities to practice how to tap into it when faced with novel situations. The goal is to feel confident thinking on your feet when the unexpected happens (eg., chance/opportunity, crisis, conflict and care)

To learn more, contact me with any questions.

The next Movement Roots workshop will be in Maine at the end of July. Dance with Change will be offered in early 2025

A bit about me

I’ve been dancing for 30 years, as a performer, teacher and mover in life. I’ve studied Modern, Ballet and Improv but am most influenced by Afro-Brazilian, West African (Guinean and Ghanaian), Afro-Cuban Modern, Folklore and Popular (Rumba, Salsa) and Middle Eastern. Additional influences informing my approach come from a background as a dance/movement therapist, personal and leadership development coach and practitioner of Authentic Movement (a movement meditation art form.)

I’ve been equally drawn by great teachers who, through their passion and commitment to excellence, have inspired me to aim high and go for it, most notably, Janet Adler, Byb Chanel Bibene, Roberto Borrell, Ron Brown, Paco Gomez, Silfredo La O, CK Ladzekpo, Royland Lobato, Rogelio Lopez, Manuel Suarez, and M’mah Toure.

To learn more about my credentials, background and philosophy, go here.


“I love the way class challenges me to move in entirely new ways to the music because it compels me to pay close attention to the changing rhythm; I love doing something fun AND really good for me; and I love being with a teacher who loves her students and her craft.”

Janet Rodriquez, Teacher

“Recently my husband and I attended Congresswoman Barbara Lee’s birthday celebration. Near the end of the festivities, the music began and Gregg asked me to dance. Usually, he gives me one obligatory dance at social events, but this time we danced five dances in a row. At some point he leaned over to say, “You’re dancing better. That Monday night class must be helping your sense of rhythm.” To which I responded, “…(something like, “Oh, ya noticed, huh…”

Mary B., Author

“Robin’s emphasis of focusing on the rhythm and letting the body learn the movements encourages individual creative dance, instead of the rote learning of a set of predetermined steps. It was fun to discover that the moves turned into a dance when strung together. I came because the first lesson was free and stayed because I feel great throughout the rest of the week.”

Nick B., Painter