Success Coaching

Success Coaching to Achieve High Stakes Goals

“Do not let what you cannot do interfere with what you can do.”

John Wooden

What does success mean to you?

Success, we're told, is having a lot of money, power and fame. But I believe it's so much more than that and unique to each one of us.

I believe it has to do with living a life true to one's authentic self. But as simple as this sounds it's not necessarily easy. In fact, when patients on their deathbed were asked what their biggest regret was, the most common response was not having the courage to live life true to themselves.

This is tragic but it's also instructive because if you are not on your deathbed, you have the chance to start living life true to yourself.  It doesn't have to be a grand gesture or radical change in your life. You just have to start. Starting IS big!

Success coaching

Highly customized coaching that provides the exact structure and support necessary for you to thrive and succeed despite pressure and unexpected change. Engagements are typically 1 – 4 months depending on what you want/need to achieve. I refer to these as high stakes goals. High stakes goals are goals that you care a lot about, that probably feel risky, and that you know the what and maybe even the why, but not the how.

Coaching sessions focus on one or more of the following skills:

  • Integrity-based decision making (even when you don’t have access to “data”)
  • How (and when) to trust your hunch’s
  • Creating a sustainable plan of action
  • Navigating crucial conversations
  • Knowing when to continue or complete/finish (and ending on a high note either way)

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Who is drawn to this and why?

Success coaching is for you if you are ready to go for something you really want and that matters to you but you’re unsure how to proceed. Some examples of what that looks like.

  • You wonder why you’re unable to move forward with a particular goal despite the fact that you’re extremely capable and can do almost anything you put your mind to, from starting companies to pursuing a Ph.D. as a single parent
  • You know what you want to do and you believe you can do it, but aren’t sure how to proceed. You can’t afford trial-and-error, because time is of the essence and/or you have limited resources
  • You have to achieve a certain goal in order to reach a larger, more important goal, but you’ve never done this before and don’t know how or where to start
  • You don’t start a goal that you want to achieve because of past failed attempts. The last thing you want is to continue doing what hasn’t worked. But you can't let go of this goal. It haunts you

These scenarios can make you feel between a rock and hard place. The goal/idea/initiative that’s so strong it practically owns you – on the one side, and the agony you feel when you admit to yourself that you don't know how or if you should go for it, on the other.

I know this place, between reluctance and boldness and it's uncomfortable. But it's also a sign that your spirit hasn't given up on you. It's calling you to act.

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A bit about me

I have a passion for supporting individuals who have a goal that’s bigger than themselves. I’ve worked with business executives, social workers, community leaders, entrepreneurs, and front-line staff among others, to accomplish their high stakes goals.

I have an M.S. from Cal State University, Hayward (renamed Cal State East Bay), followed by several years as a professional coach with Learning as Leadership, a training and development firm in Northern California, and then as the owner of Sell with Soul, where I provided coaching and training in integrity-based selling. My extensive life experience in adventuring as well as adversity builds on all that I’ve learned professionally. I don’t ever give advice if I haven’t done it myself.

To learn more about my credentials, background and philosophy, go here.

Examples of client outcomes 

  • A customer service rep wanted to go into sales but lacked the confidence. After focusing on her strengths as an empath, she found the courage and got a promotion
  • A small business owner had a contentious relationship with his business partner putting their business at risk.  Focusing more on their shared values than their differences resulted in more trust and productive communication
  • An entrepreneur had to close her business in way that didn't burn bridges while also going through a personal crisis. By focusing on what she could do to transition as constructively as possible she was able to end terms in a win/win
  • A devoted aunt who lost her nephew in a drive-by shooting longed for a way to honor his memory. Though grieving, she envisioned a scholarship fund to help youth-at-risk and took small actions every day until it became a reality
  • A retired teacher decided to fulfill her lifelong dream of learning to dance after suffering a heart attack. She showed up to class and stayed after to practice until the day came when she wowed her husband on the dance floor

How to work with me

I hope this gives you a sense of the diversity high stakes goals. More importantly, I hope this tugs at your heart and nudges you gently beyond what you believe is possible, aligned with what you most deeply want.

If you have a goal, idea, project or relationship challenge that you’re ready to start or can no longer ignore, I can help.

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"I worked with Robin as part of an ongoing initiative to improve the process of communicating with families about organ and tissue donation immediately after the death of their family member. The extremely sensitive and important nature of the situation required the highest degree of professionalism and empathic skills.

Robin has an extraordinary ability to identify how to improve communication based on strengths and core values. Her feedback and suggestions were absolutely on target and have resulted in exceptional service to our donor families."

Lisa Stocks, Ex Dir of Lifesharing

"Robin is an incredibly empathetic and insightful person. She helped me clarify my core dilemma and identify underlying assumptions and biases which I wasn’t aware I had. Although my dilemma still exists, I feel I am now able to tackle it equipped with more effective tools. I also see that I have options where previously I felt I couldn’t move; and I have new questions to explore that help me further understand the situation."

Nitya Sethuraman, Associate Professor of Psychology, University of Michigan-Dearborn

“Robin is an expert as what she does. She gave me the confidence and skills to be an effective sales person. I not only exceeded my quota but I am a more effective communicator at work and in life.  There is no way I could have done this without her support and knowledge.”

Vicky M. Torres, Inside Sales / Customer Service

"I needed support for a project that had to be done right the first time and I wanted someone who could help me manage it with my agenda, not hers; someone who knew when to be strategic and when to execute. Mostly, I wanted someone who cared as much as I did about the outcome. The project went very smoothly resulting in nothing but positive feedback from everyone involved. Robin delivered beyond my expectations."

Susan Ainsley, Retired Nurse Practioner