Organize & Declutter

Organizing & Decluttering to Free up Your Life

“Freedom is in the unknown. If you believe there is an unknown everywhere, in your own body, in your relationships with other people…in the universe, then you have maximum freedom.”

John C. Lilly

Letting go allows joy in

What do you need to let go of? Do you have a MESS – large or small – that you can’t bring yourself to face? Maybe you’ve got a room full of your ex’s belongings that you’ve ignored or a garage full of items you don’t know what to do with, or perhaps you have to downsize because you’re moving to a smaller home.

Whatever the situation, I can help. I’ve got a passion for decluttering and organizing client’s worst messes in a way that leaves them feeling relieved and liberated.

Organizing & decluttering services

Support for individuals wanting to declutter/organize* - In person or remote support focused on clearing space of “stuff” so that you can feel great instead of overwhelmed or embarrassed. Here’s a short list of what I provide.


  • Sort wanted from unwanted items
  • Organize wanted items in a way that’s aesthetically pleasing and functional
  • Co-create an environment that makes you feel at rejuvenated and at peace
  • Identify amongst the unwanted items, what needs to be shredded, recycled or taken to the dump
  • Consign or donate items as needed
  • Physical exercises designed to strengthen self-confidence throughout the process (A series of 3-minute videos demonstrating movement-based exercises for joy and energy)
  • *If you are moving/relocating, I can help with Move Management as well as the Post-move transition (email me for details)


Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation.

Support for families and professionals (e.g., RE agents) who want to support someone who hoards or needs to declutter/downsize– In person or remote coaching focused on how to best support the individual who hoards when having to clear and vacate their living space by a set deadline (e.g., selling house, moving to assisted living, eviction.)


  • Consultation on how to create a move-out plan according to a set timeline. This includes a 30-minute walk-thru to assess the situation, followed by an email outlining goals, action steps, time line and resources needed. 
  • In-house presentation for RE agents on how to build trust for a win-win outcome
  • In-home consultation for families on how to support their loved one throughout the process
  • eBook with step-by-step guidance on how to plan and implement the conscientious clearing of the living space in preparation for selling (email to request eBook)
  • Support with move management (email for information)

Contact me for a free 30 minute consultation.

A bit about me

I've known since I was kid that bold action is empowering but it wasn't until I took a job as an organizer while in grad school that I discovered that even the most mundane of tasks like decluttering can take courage.

The training for my new job was to do it myself. So I spent 3 days purging piles of paperwork at home. I had an intense headache the entire time! When I finally finished not only did I have empathy for my future clients I understood bold action is less about grand gestures and more about doing what one must even if it's scary because there is so much more to be gained by letting go.

In addition to my experience in organizing, I draw upon a background in life and leadership coaching as well as dance/movement therapy.

To learn about my credentials, background and philosophy, go here.


"We hired Robin to help with decluttering & downsizing for our 86 year old aunt's apartment.  This was challenging time because she was transitioning to assisted living and has held on to EVERYTHING for decades.

Robin accomplished more than I could have imagined!  She helped out aunt make decisions and overcome resistance to relocating. Most of all, Robin earned our aunt's trust and included her in the decluttering process so that she did not feel it was being 'done to her' but was instead being 'done with her".  We are so grateful and our aunt is the better for it. I'd hire her again in an instant. 

Kim, Math professor

“I hired Robin to purge and organize areas around the house. Every time she works her magic, I am BLOWN AWAY by the results.”

Kathleen P., Artist

“I’ve had closet-shame forever and didn’t believe anybody could transform it into something inspiring let alone okay to look at, but working with Robin has literally made me excited about going into my closet!”

Mary B., Author and Teacher

“Robin is a miracle worker. There’s no other way to say it. She did a deep purge and then organized my garage following a roommate leaving everything in a huge and ugly mess. I’m beyond grateful to have my peace of mind back.”

Sharon S., Real Estate Agent

“Robin bravely entered the dimly lit chaos and walked around in the mess, re-emerging to share her thoughts. We sat together and came up with a plan on how to maximize the space from floor to ceiling. She listened to my needs, gave me hope and backed it up with focused energy and smarts. She not only thoroughly organized the space but showed me how to maintain it. I recommend Ms. Fletcher without hesitation!”

Tom G., Lawyer