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Coaching & Consulting for High Stakes Goals

What are High Stakes Goals?

I use the term high stakes to include any goal or mission with three characteristics. Someone with a high stakes goal:

  1. Cares very much about the outcome
  2. Is risking something in going after it (personal and/or professional)
  3. Knows the what. May also know the why. But is much less clear on the how

Goals typically fall under three areas: 1) difficult conversations, 2) personal or professional objectives and 3) negative situations (anticipated or unanticipated.)

What is High Stakes Goal (HSG) Coaching?

We're all different when it comes to finding that thing that helps us deal with adversity in the best possible way for ourselves and others. Yes, there are formulas and countless "how-to's" when it comes to advice on how to be stronger and thrive through tough times. But when you get down to it our ability to overcome difficulties has a deeply personal dimension. Therefore, every client has different needs when it comes to the specific kind of support that will set him/her up for success. But in general, the support I provide, whether pragmatic or strategic, immediate or long term, personal or general, falls under these three themes:

  • Passion
  • Purpose
  • Perseverance

Conversations start where the client is at with an aim to 1) identify the core issue behind the apparent problem; 2) determine the real challenge as it relates to the individuals values and goals; and 3) define the optimum combination of integrated strategies that will best leverage their strengths in pursuit of the goal.

Who is drawn to this and why?

High stakes goal coaching is for entrepreneurs/intrapreneurs, change-makers and over achievers with a strong humanitarian drive.  They have a mission, a high stakes goal - small or large - that they have to accomplish due to internal and/or external pressure, an inherited or asked for call to action, or deep wish.

HSG Coaching may be for you if:

  • You wonder why you’re unable to move forward with a particular goal despite the fact that you’re extremely capable and can do almost anything you put your mind to, from starting companies to pursuing a Ph.D. as a single parent.
  • You know what you want to do and you believe you can do it, but aren’t sure how to proceed. You can’t afford trial-and-error, because time is of the essence.
  • You have to achieve a certain goal in order to reach a larger, more important goal, but you’ve never done this before and don’t know how or where to start.
  • You don’t start a goal that you want to achieve because of past failed attempts. The last thing you want is to continue doing what hasn’t worked. But you can't let go of this goal. It owns you.

Experiencing any of these scenarios given who you are may leave you feeling between a rock and hard place. The compelling goal/idea/initiative that’s so strong it practically haunts you – on the one side. And the inner agony you feel in your most private moments when you’re forced to admit to yourself that this time, you're unsure how to proceed in the best possible way, on the other.

Examples of High Stakes Goal & Results / Outcomes 

  • An intrapreneur needed to learn how to sell despite fear and inexperience :: Group training and followup coaching helped her gain sales mastery, earning her a promotion soon after.
  • An entrepreneur had to mend a ruptured relationship with a key stake holder :: Several coaching sessions focused on history, shared value, interpersonal dynamics and non-verbal communication, resulting in greater trust making project deliverables easier to meet and more sustainable.
  • A small business owner wanted to fulfill her company's obligations despite unanticipated funding cuts and simultaneous personal hardships :: She maintained strong/trust based business relations despite having to close the business, while keeping a growth attitude that helped transition her to a great next phase.
  • A devoted aunt with a background in Social Work who had just lost her nephew in a drive-by shooting wanted to find a way to honor his memory in the form of a family grant :: Ongoing consultation to support her efforts and vision contributed to the creation of a yearly gift in honor of her nephew and in support of a youth at risk with leadership potential. Her family continues to honor her nephews memory to this day.
  • An academic who disliked self promotion and considered himself an introvert had to do a series of interviews to qualify for an important job :: A few coaching sessions focused on conveying his strengths and passion for the topic, helped win him the job of his dreams.
  • A successful marketing leader decided to fulfill a life long dream of learning to dance after suffering a heart attack :: Six weeks of group movement classes with individualized support helped this person not only learn to dance but inspire those around her.

How to work with me?

There are more examples, but I hope this gives you a sense of the diversity of what I mean by a high stakes goal. More importantly, I hope this tugs at your heart and pushes you gently forward beyond what you think is possible, aligned with what you most deeply want.

If you have a mission/high stakes goal that’s important to you – a project, situation, relationship that you feel is going to demand you bring your top game, either personally or professionally, contact me.  I’d love to help.

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"I needed support for a project that had to be done right the first time and I wanted someone who could help me manage it with my agenda, not hers; someone who knew when to be strategic and and when to execute. Mostly, I wanted someone who cared as much as I did about the outcome. The project went very smoothly resulting in nothing but positive feedback from everyone involved. Robin delivered beyond my expectations."

Susan Ainsley, Retired Nurse Practioner & Community Support