Mojo Monday 11: Reinvention



There are many defintions of reinvention, all having to do with “producing something new based on something that already exists.” (Cambridge English Dictionary)

But as many human beings who inhabit the earth, are as many ways to reinvent. Which is a number way beyond millions. To make this real in physical terms, I searched terms for reinvention in an online thesaurus. There are at least 18 words for reinvention. I focus on one in this video: Revitalize.

What does reinvention mean for you?

When have you been faced or are faced with having to reinvent yourself? If there is anything you learned from that crucial moment, please either share in the comments or message me.


Lambarena – Bach to Africa

Nano Vasconcelos, Sam Atela

Pepa Nzac Gnon Ma





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