Mojo Monday 3: Multitask w/Movement

Multitasking, Seizing the Opportunity or something else altogether?

If you live in this world of technology, constant information and full schedules, you probably multitask from time to time. But did you know that there is a great deal of research supporting the fact that multitasking seems more productive than it actually is. This video makes fun of our tendency to believe that we can (and should) squeeze the most out of each minute…even before we get to work. No wonder we’re exhausted!

At the same time, it makes good sense to move when you can, especially if your day is spent at a desk. To that point, this video is a fun way to experiment exercising in moments before and after your daily tasks (like doing bicep curls while on the phone or taking the stairs instead of the escalator etc.) And something great movement and certain exercises in particular (like pushups!) it’s hard to do anything else while you do it. So is it multitasking or seizing the opportunity?

Beyond experimenting with exercise in the moments in between, there is another idea behind this video. And that is that what we take as ordinary, routine – like walking from the bedroom to the kitchen – can, with just a bit of imagination (in this case, a lunge) be transformed into a micro-adventure. In moving through space in a different way, you experience the world in a different way. Try it and see – I’d love to hear what you discover.


This video is dedicated to my trainer, Eric Nelson, whose expertise and committment helped me get back to the weight room. If you live in the Bay Area and are looking for great trainer, here’s how to reach him.

Eric Nelson




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