Mojo Monday 7: Mindchatter Be Gone!

Mindchatter be gone!

I think most creators, inventors, artists and makers struggle with mindchatter and self-doubt at one time or another. The idea that you have a bolt of inspiration, sit down and create easily is romantic and not based on real life in my opinion. Even if it’s easy to start, sooner or later, mind-chatter creeps in.

So the question isn’t how to avoid it or not have it, but to start something and persist anyway, whether or not there’s mindchatter.

But how?

Something to try

Next time you start something and find yourself taken by the over-critical inner voice, find a way to surprise or shock that all -to-familiar voice. If there’s one thing that you can count on with mindchatter, it’s that the comments are predictable. You just might discover something amazing.

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