Peace Puppets Project


Project Summary

Peace Puppets is an initiative to collect 1,000 new and donated puppets (hand and finger puppets) from the United States to kids aged 2 through 10 living in Southern Israel and Gaza. The first shipment of puppets traveled with Irit Weir, the projects co-founder September of 2014. Upon arrival, puppets were distributed to Principals at schools in both regions. Each puppet had an attached sticker with its own name, where it was from and its favorite food. Handouts provided tips and suggestions to teachers on how to help children use the puppets to tell their stories and provide companionship, as well as a Facebook page for children to share their experience if they wish.


The forming of this project began last August when Irit Weir of Napa, CA and Robin Fletcher or Oakland, CA, in sharing their sadness about the impact the violence was having for the children in South Israel and Gaza, resolved to do something to help. With Irit’s experience growing up in Israel and having facilitated dialog groups between Israelis and Palestinians for over 20 years, and Robin’s experience as a Dance Therapist for children with special needs, both women knew the transformative power of self expression and sharing stories. Within 3 weeks, professionals, parents, business owners and citizens from all backgrounds came forth with their time and expertise to create the infrastructure necessary to help us bring puppets to Israel. As of today we have 700+ puppets and over $1000 in donations. And the numbers are growing. For more information about the project go to

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