The Real Cost of (false) Advertising

images-1The meaning of un-extraordinary might be a breakfast sandwich that fills a hole in your stomach and costs $5 at a place more commonly known for its customizable “coffee.” This breakfast sandwich looked delicious, with a thick slice of Canadian bacon, scrambled egg and a layer of graded cheddar cheese between two slices of fresh baked (so called) ciabatta bread.

It hooked me.

What a disappointment. Each ingredient blended into the next – not in a way that builds on individual flavors like a skillfully made curry or ratatouille that surprises and delights the taste buds with every bit – but in a way that makes your mouthful of bready egg substance into a bigger mass of bready egg substance with the added ingredient of saliva.


Many opportunities were lost on this egg-mc nightmare.

What could have been? How about scrambled eggs whipped with a splash of cream, fried with a smear of butter, then slipped off the pan drizzling the rest of the butter onto the crispy edges of the fried eggs, soaking into the hot toasted bread. Then, just before serving it, adding sprinkles of shredded cheese so it melts on contact with the hot eggs, melding into their heat, adding texture and richness.

But that would take time. And time is money. Or so they say.

But not to worry. There are many more egg-mc nightmare’s to be made in order to confirm that the works been done, to attract more hungry customers, so that a profit is made by the end of the day.

Advertising becomes us; we become advertising.

An empty, if not complete package.




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